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Sound Fossil III. Lines

machine for eroding clay


for piano, ten vibration motors and two contact microphones


for electric guitar with three MIDI-controlled tuning pegs

Sound Fossil II. Spiral

machine for carving clay

On that day my left ear became a frog

for violin with amplified custom-made bow

Three studies for two voices

for two performers

Polifonia Liquida

sound and light installation

Dead Tree Spectrum

site-specific sound installation

AI’ve just started to learn to play

sound installation in physical and virtual space

Sounding canebrake

sound art installation

Steel String Quartet

for four performers on self-made instruments

How to conjure the spirit of Lucy in three steps, via telephone

for prepared alto sax, percussion, speaker cones and electronics

Touch me

for cello, capacitors, custom-made circuits and electronic sounds

Sound Fossil I. Plane

machine for shaking clay

Intorno alla traccia

for clarinet with two MIDI-controlled side-keys and live electronics