Alessandro Perini was born in 1983 in Italy. He studied Composition (with Luca Francesconi and Ivan Fedele among others), Electronic Music and Science of Musical Communication in Italy and Sweden.

His artistic production ranges from instrumental and electronic music to audiovisual and light-based works, net-art, land-art and vibration-based works. His compositions have been played in festivals such as Biennale di Venezia (Italy), Festival Futura (France), Open Spaces (Germany), Connect Festival and New directions (Sweden), Procesas (Lithuania), UNM 2012 (Iceland), Moscow Forum and ReMusik (Russia), Tempus Fugit and Terra Distat (Argentina). In summer 2014 he was in residence at Fondazione Spinola Banna per L’Arte (Italy). His most recent prizes in composition are the 2nd prize at the Concours de Bourges 2015 (Musinfo), the Grand Prix at the Sergej Slonimnski competition (St. Petersburg) and the Jury’s Prize at New Directions Festival (Piteå, Sweden).

In 2014 he started a research about vibration and tactile sound, called touchmysound, including projects at the Darmstadt Ferienkurse and residencies at Cittadellarte – Fondazione Pistoletto (Italy) and Park In Progress (Belgium). In May 2016 he’s been artist in residence for Imagonirmia Prize in Chiaravalle (Milano, Italy), with a series of projects about site-specific sound art. Last residence project was at I-Park Foundation in Connecticut (May-June 2017). He will carry on a new research project in 2017/2018 about augmenting musical instruments with motorized devices for the physical modification of sound during musical performance, as well as interdisciplinary projects at Royaumont Foundation (France), Bioart Society (Lapland/Finland), Fondazione Spinola/Banna (Italy). Currently he’s exhibiting at the Cooper Hewitt Museum of Design in New York (April-October 2018).

In 2016 he launched, a commission by SPOR Festival, a website where Wikipedia articles are read aloud by a synthetic voice and re-transcribed by a speech-to-text algorithm, thus building an encyclopedia of machine-misheard articles.
Within the collective Hertzbreakerz, he organizes the festival SOUND SPACES in Malmö.
He has been teaching courses in audiovisual production for the arts at the Conservatory of Como (Italy) and in the Composition department (electronic music course) at the Music Academy of Malmö, as well as in workshops in Italy, Argentina and Bolivia.

[last updated June 2018]

Photo © Michela Benaglia
Photo © Michela Benaglia



Curriculum studiorum:

  • BA in Science and Technology of Musical Communication (Università Statale di Milano, 2006)
  • BA in Electronic Music and Technologies of Sound (Conservatorio di Musica di Como, 2007)
  • BA in Composition (Conservatorio di Musica di Como, 2009)
  • MA in Composition (Conservatorio di Musica di Como, 2011)
  • MA II in Composition (Music Academy of Malmö, 2013)