Alessandro Perini – “Epicentro” (2020)
for piano, ten vibration motors and two contact microphones

Part of the CD “The Expanded Body“. Listen of Spotify:

In this piece, strictly related to the project “Fingerscan: music at your fingertips”, ten vibration motors are suspended above, and in contact with, the strings of a piano. The ten motors are controlled in time and intensity by a MIDI file, synced with the video-score that the performer is reading. The performer is amplifying the sound of the strings thanks to two AKG C411 attached to her fingernails (panned at the extreme sides). More amplification is provided by two condenser microphones.

Want to see how I built this? Check my tutorial on Hackster.io. There you will find also the schematics for the circuit, downloadable software and an explanation of how everything works.

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