How to conjure the spirit of Lucy in three steps, via telephone

Alessandro Perini – “How to conjure the spirit of Lucy in three steps, via telephone” (2020/21)
for two performers and electronics

Click here for downloading the score

Click here for the analysis of this piece, by Fabio Machiavelli: In Italiano / In English

Written for Duo Dubois:
Federico Tramontana, percussion, objects and handheld speaker
Alberto Cavallaro, prepared alto sax and handheld speaker

«By listening to this piece you will attend a séance session where the two performers will try to conjure and communicate with the spirit of Lucy. Lucy is best known as the protagonist of one of the most famous one-act operas by Gian Carlo Menotti, “The Telephone”, which was originally presented in a diptych with another similar work by Menotti, “The Medium”. The séance session makes use of specially built ritual drums as well as ubiquitous sound sources in order to invite the spirit of Lucy to a live chat with the musicians on stage.»

Part of “More With Less”, a project by Ars Nova/Hertzbreakerz with the support of Musikverket
Recorded at Inter Arts Center, June 1st, 2021 Camera: Daniel Nandigobe

The saxophone is prepared with a 3D-printed support substituting the neck, holding a buzzer. Moreover, a rubber balloon is used to transform the saxophone bell into a drum instrument. Some pictures of the saxophone preparation:

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