Alessandro Perini
public sound art installation

Made for X-Sites, Falkenberg, Sweden

Stortorget in Falkenberg is a place where all traces of the past have been erased. Concrete is covering the whole area, most of which is occupied by a parking lot; constructions like Pressbyrån contribute to make it a non-place, a place of passage (there is a bus stop on the side). Stortorget has no identity. But a hole in the ground was opened. It’s an amphitheater, right in the middle. Is it a desire of searching for something lost, right there below the soil? If we dig further, we will end up finding clay: it means that once Falkenberg was just water. Marine clay has formed today’s coastline – only a phase of the evolving relationship between land and sea. Two pipes placed on the roof of Pressbyrån in Stortorget reconnect the place with its geological past, by diffusing snippets of sound frequencies derived from recordings taken at the seaside, where sand and water fight. Contextually, sonic identity is sought there where all visual clues of the past were hidden from our eyes.

In collaboration with
Konstnärscentrum Väst
Falkenbergs Kommun/RIAN Designmuseum
With the help of FABO and Falkenbergs Plåtslageriet
Thanks to Leif Johansson at Lund University
Thanks to Stefan Östersjö for the hydrophone

Recording at Skrea Strand with a hydrophone

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