Intorno alla traccia

Alessandro Perini โ€“ โ€œIntorno alla traccia” (2020)
for clarinet with two MIDI-controlled side-keys and live electronics

Included in the CD “The Expanded Body”

I modified a Bb clarinet by 3D-printing a mount which holds two solenoids, pushing two of the side-keys. The piece features fingerings, speeds and polyrhythms which are impossible to a human performer. The motorized keys are programmed to interfere with the human action in this 10-minutes long pieces where circular breathing is prescribed throughout.

These motorized keys are controlled by a MIDI piano-roll via Max and Arduino. A scrolling video-score as well as automated live-electronics processes are also synced with the MIDI control.

Full performance by Natalie Eriksson. Clarinet: Buffet R13

Recorded by Natalie Eriksson in November 2020 at the Inter Arts Center.

Originally printed in PLA, I had to switch, for the 3d-printed mount, to nylon due to higher resistance to heat (the solenoids were reaching the melting temperature of the PLA).

Original mount, the first working model at all, in green PLA.

The circuit is pretty simple, derived from my previous work with 4 solenoids called The Sound Compass. But you can find a more detailed tutorial here on

3D-printed file downloadable from Thingiverse.

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