Alessandro Perini – “N-S” (2017)
for cello, piano and tape

• Francesco Dillon, cello
• Emanuele Torquati, piano

Part of the CD “The Expanded Body”

Premiered in May 2017 at Inter Arts Center, Malmö (Sweden) by Francesco Dillon (cello) and Emanuele Torquati (piano) as part of the concert “Distant Voices — Malmö”.

Two sets of samples are alternating in the tape of this piece: tones recorded from a Zimbabwean kalimba and ice and snow noises. The impossibility to integrate North and South is evident as the two sections are cross-cut with no interaction among them. Cello and piano follow the tape, sometimes as an accompaniment of the soundscape, some other times as an analysis.

From the concert “Distant Voices, Malmö”

May 5th, 2017 – Inter Arts Center, Malmö (Sweden)

Curated by Hertzbreakerz

In collaboration with Ars Nova, with the support of Konstnärsnämnden and Längmanska Kulturfonden

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