Raum Void 444

Raum Void 444
duration: 8’40”

Esbjerg Ensemble, Petter Sundkvist conductor. New Directions, March 2016, Piteå (Sweden)



Flute in C (also Piccolo and Alto Flute in G)

English Horn (also Oboe)
French Horn
Marimba (also 1 ancient cymbal tuned to low G)

Violin I
Violin II


Clarinet in Bb (also Bass Clarinet)

From the program notes:

In this piece the instruments “inhabit” different points in the space of the concert venue. This doesn’t allow a strict sync of the timing of the music; instead, a certain amount of freedom is left to the superimposition of different pulse speeds, derived from the subjectivity of the different performers. A sort of liquid, floating temporality is put into play, in a three-dimensional sonic image.

The title is a reference to a flute concerto by Vivaldi (catalogue number RV 444), but multiplying 4x4x4 you can imagine the measures of a cubic volume. From this cube, symbolizing the auditive space, we can subtract and sculpt sonic presence by means of sounds and rests. This piece could be thought of as a process of obliteration of sound from a mass of frequencies, thus suggesting the idea of a sculptural approach to sound matter. Due to this fact, it’s advised to possibly listen to this piece with closed eyes, focusing on the spatial presence or absence of sound.

The piece exists in two more versions: one for eight instruments and one for six.

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