Tactile Headset

Created at the residency at Park in Progress (Mons, Belgium), September 2nd-11th 2014.

“Tactile headset” is an installation that explores tactile perception of sound as vibration.

I built a cluster of four vibrating polystyrene spheres, hanging from the ceiling. Sound was traveling from sphere to sphere and the audience could experience it with the bones and skin of their head, as in a tactile quadraphonic headphone set. This work was a way to reference headphone listening (even binaural listening, since there were four sources), but translated into the tactile domain.


Realized at the Park in Progress sound art residency 2014 in Mons (Belgium).

Transcultures / Pépinières européennes pour jeunes artistes / Citysonic


The work was also exhibited, in a new, wooden version, at Cooper Hewitt design museum of New York. The wooden spheres were realized by VAHA/Rossella Siani. Exhibition dates: April 12th to October 21th, 2018. Set-up with the support of Konstnärsnämnden.


2018-04-12 19.11.17 copia.jpg

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