Untitled 1.1

A reflection about cellphones and handheld devices as new video shooting gear.

How is it possible to use them exploiting the peculiar possibilites unleashed by such small consumer cameras? How to make them do what’s impossible to do with a normal camera?

Mobile video festivals stress the fact that such devices are now in the hands of millions of people, and videoart/filmmaking is now becoming a democratic, shared experience.

Is there something more “artistic” beyond this social issue?

*    *    *

“Untitled 1.1” is (hopefully) the first of a series of videos shot with a mobile, in which the capabilities of this shooting device are explored.

*    *    *

Exhibited at Index Gallery, Newark (USA), March 10th – April 1st, 2012 “Art Cycle”
Exhibited at FILE 2014 / SESI Gallery, São, Paulo Brazil

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