Interplay [work in progress with Quartetto Maurice]

In November 2021 I was in residence in Pinerolo, Teatro del Lavoro, where I built a multi-instrument for Quartetto Maurice. The instrument is a shared wooden box, built taking into consideration the quality of the interplay developed by the quartet during many years of work together. The instrument explores the possibility of diversified experiences of listening for the audience. It is equipped with four cello strings, 12 guitar strings, four kalimbas, 12 aluminum tubes, four speakers for electronic track playback, and four organ pipes. The box also features a number of 80mm flexible aluminum pipes, which allows experiencing the music through an amplifying and filtering medium, by approaching the other end of any pipe with one’s ears. The music performance by Quartetto Maurice can therefore also be experienced in a differently immersive and intimate way.

​A public restitution of the first phase of the project took place on November 27th in the former S. Agostino church in Pinerolo. The project will be completed in the near future.

Some making-of pictures at Teatro Del Lavoro:

Performers: Quartetto Maurice: Georgia Privitera / Laura Bertolino / Francesco Vernero / Aline Privitera thanks to: Damiano Privitera / Teatro Del Lavoro / Federico Perotti / Pietro Bertot / Lorenzo Colombo

In collaboration with Metamorfosi Notturne

With support from iPortunus / Ministero della Cultura / Città di Pinerolo

April 2022 residency supported by:

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