Pubblico D

“Pubblico D” is one of the outcomes of my research about the relationship between man and machine nowadays; not only machines are more and more perfect, being able to behave almost like humans, but people themselves are sometimes acting like machines, maybe influenced by machinery itself.

This behavior is also present in the feedback between music market and audience: the ritual of the concert, marked with the “art” label, elicits everytime the same reaction from the audience, making the audience look like a robot. This fact contributes to the lowering of the quality of the music, in an endless, destructive loop.

The piece was composed in the studios of Inter Arts Center, Malmö (Sweden).

Samples were partly recorded in studio, party taken from the last track of “Standards in Norway” by Keith Jarrett, an album which became an obsession during my car trips to my Academy of Music while I was a student in Italy.

The piece was premiered on a 20.1 loudspeaker orchestra in May 2013 at Inter Arts Center, Malmö (Sweden).

It was then included in the Tsonami Festival in Buenos Aires (November 20th, 2013).

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